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Planet Junk is a worldbuilding project initiated production designer Alex McDowell. In this project he invites university students to use his "World Building" technique to come up with a future world that is built on the detritus of our current planet.

Project Brief
The AGD project is a yearly collaboration between Master and Bachelor students at KADK. The goal of the project is for the students to practice working together on a cohesive project, with a focus primarily on the artistic side of the project.

World Setting
In 2150, the climate has changed tremendously and land is rapidly decertified. The sandstorm covers almost the entire mainland. Animals and plants are almost extinct. The original human society is almost paralyzed. In the face of the harsh environment caused by various natural disasters on the surface, people chose to compromise and avoid it, giving up returning to the ground, and instead continuing civilization between the mountain walls that can shelter the sandstorm. People began to build shelters on the cliffs, gradually forming a vertical urban structure.After nearly 100 years of productivity and technological recovery, people built giant towers called "Jellyfish" which circulate air and generate the energy barriers to shield the city from sandstorms.

When people finally found a barrier to against sand and dust, sunlight has become a new challenge. Because of the unknown magnetic field, the rotation of the earth stopped, resulting in the birth of the polar day and polar night imagination. It is almost impossible for people to move on the surface under the harmful sunlight in the polar regions. This resulted in people having to migrate down the cliff again, or even dig to the underground. The original building above the cliff gradually fell into disrepair, eroded and weathered under the influence of the wind and the sun. At this time, the Jellyfish stopped working and the barrier is closed. An engineer returns to the upper area and try to restore the Jellyfish.